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B-1B ACM Pylons

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B-1B No. 28 was used for integration testing of the AGM-129 ACM.  Here are photos of the aircraft with the pylons in place.  It was the only B-1B to carry cruise missiles externally.   Does anyone have interest in a set of these?   I'm looking at doing them for myself and would have more cast if there is interest.  My guesstimate of the cost would be between $25 and $35 for a 6 pylon set for one aircraft.


Mark S.

Spectre Resins

Wolfpak Decals




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39 minutes ago, Gator52 said:

Were there any special markings on #28, and if so are there decals available?





The numeral 28 on the nose gear doors and "ED" tail codes.  I can throw the markings on a Wolfpak sheet.



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Definitely interested but I'd need to know more before committing.


It's tough to tell from the overall shot, but is there a camera pod under the starboard engine nacelle? If so would that also be included?


I haven't seen any news on ModelCollect's Bone recently, but since they already make the only AGM-129s available have you considered they may include these pylons in their kit?


Looks like the airframe is still in the early service configuration (feathered exhausts, no decoy pod on the tail), so assuming the Monogram/Revell kit as the starting point you'll need to either make corrections or tweak the Barracuda aftermarket sets for this timeframe.

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The kit that I would release would be pylons only.  It will be up to the modeler to make any other corrections and or additions to the Revell-Monogram B-1B.   The modifications to correct the  kit have been well documented.  I may include the camera pod if I can find a good photo of it.  Camera pods or arrays were and are test specific.  Only one B-1B carried these pylons for the integration of the AGM-129.  After captive carry and jettison tests but before any live launches the program was terminated.  I would be surprised if ModelCollect would include them in a kit. 

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Just wanted to add that Shapeways also makes AGM-129’s, expensive though, but look nice.


Mark what would be really nice is if you could do some updates for B-52 kits especially an antennae set, maybe external wing tanks, targeting pods.

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What the airfix kit really needs is a release and an after market bomb bay.
Ive had one or two in the stash for years and years and never really thought about it because the kit is so lacking in any detail.


I dont want a modern version, I want the old version with the SRAM launcher loaded with SRAMs and B-61s or a CSRL in the front.

Just something other than nothing, which is what the kit has.

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