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Why aren't there books on US planes like Yefim Gordon?

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Not to start something but I have found numerous errors in several SAM MDF books so I wouldn't say that they rank on the same level as Yefim Gordon books. They have good info and detail but some of the technical info is just completed wrong, it appears that they did not seek out anyone with technical knowledge of the subject when writing some of the books.


There are numerous books on US subjects that I would say rank right up there, if not better than, with Yefim Gordon's books. Jake Melampy, Steve Ginter's Naval/Air Force Series, Bert Kinzey's Detail & Scale Series and Danny Coreman's books are all excellent books.


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I only have one Gordon book on the Tu-22M.  It is good though.

On 9/12/2019 at 1:32 AM, SinisterVampire319 said:

Back in the day. Detail and Scale and Aerofax were my go to US aircraft series books.

Agreed!  Jay Miller's Aerofax, Aerograph & Datagraph books are as good as they get.  Midlands Publishing (UK) seems to have carried this forward when Jay sold them the rights.

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On 8/23/2019 at 7:24 PM, DarkKnight said:

I just got the Yefim Gordon MiG 29 book and its awesome, I also have the Flanker book, thick tons of pictures, details, why isn't there anything similar for US aircraft?

I found a new copy at the Half Priced Book Store a week ago. WOW! And Wow again! If the guy knows his stuff, then there are a few folks that need re-educated. By the way I got it for $24 out the door!


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