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1:48 F6F-3 Eduard

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6 hours ago, Falconxlvi said:

Wow!  I am really glad you joined the forums and are sharing your work with us. That pilot figure is top notch as is the weathering you’ve started along the fuselage!  Tremendous build!



Thanks Steve!  This has been a learning experience, I’m not used documenting a build.  


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2 hours ago, Rodney said:

Wow, just wow.  Thanks for posting the in progress shots of your scratch building!



Thanks Rodney!  It’s been a bit of an intimidating project, but rewarding.


here is another short update.  I’ve managed to get paint and chipping on the fuselage.


as well as mostly finish the prop, it just needs a matte coat.


while the paint is curing on these I will start weathering and decaling the landing gear and wheels.


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Finally starting to get some decals on this bird.  I’ve started with the wings.  Love the contrast between the red and blues.  That’s why I picked this scheme.


Also I have mostly finished the landing gear and wheels.  They will need a matte coat and a light dusting of buff, but I’ll do that close to the end of the build so I can get all of the sub assemblies at once.




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9 hours ago, Falconxlvi said:

Looking fantastic as per your usual!  I love the red outlined roundels as well 👍🏻



Thanks Steve!


Had the day off of work and in between taking kids to school and catching up on school work I managed to get a few more decals applied.  My setting solution did manage to smudge the star, nothing a little paint can’t touch up.  I also started adding the exhaust.  I replaced the kit supplied pieces with 1.3mm brass tubing.  Looks much better in my opinion.  (Sorry for the poor lighting, photography is not a skill I have developed.)



Does anyone else get excited when the decals start start going on or is it just me?  I feel like this is when the build really starts to come together.  I now have to exercise my patience and not rush to the end.  



my one major gripe so far with the kit are the stencil decals.  Based on the stencil instructions, they are all mislabeled.  So, it’s been interesting trying to figure out which stencils go where.  It’s made more difficult that the majority of the stencils are white, so trying to read what they say is near impossible.  But, I guess In the grand scheme of things if this is the worst aspect of the kit then it’s not too bad.  First world problems I suppose.


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Hello, back with another update.  I’m getting close to final assembly, so I thought I would get a few decent picture of all of the sub assemblies.  I’ve also applied my panel lines using the Tamiya panel liner.  This turned out pretty good I think.







Next steps are to do weathering.  I will need to do sun fading, which I will do using the “salt” technique.  (Another first for me). I will also need to do the exhaust stains, fuel and fluid stains, guns, and various detail paintings.  I also managed to break off both of the antennas after taking these pictures, so those will need to be repaired.  Then finally, finish it off with a matte coat.

last picture is the plane covered in salt.  This gives me a little bit of anxiety.  Hopefully it will work how I want.


Thanks for looking, cheers!

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On 9/20/2019 at 10:38 AM, zaxos345 said:

Lovely Work so far!!! I would love to see how The salt weathering will come out!! 


Thanks John!  Unfortunately as soon as I applied the matte coat, all of the subtle fading I did with the salt disappeared.  I was a little discouraged about it and decided not to attempt to re do it.  So I pushed on.


She is finally standing on her own legs!  I’ve added exhaust and gun stains, some light oil streaks and a matte coat.  The masking has been removed from the cockpit and I’ve added the broken antennas back on.  I’ve also finished up the exhaust pipes and painted them and mounted the engine.


I’m pretty happy with how the exhaust turned out, very thinned Vallejo acrylics.  First light gull gray, then light brown and finally a little bit of black.

QtodQNs.jpgit’s nice to be able to see the cockpit again and I’m glad the masking worked so well.  I have a few more details to add to the cockpit now, the gun reflector glass, some placards and IP lights on the side sills, and the shoulder harnesses.  The. I’ll be able to fit all of the canopy pieces on.


Here is the underside, gun stains were done with oils.  Next up is to start all of the clear parts, nav lights, etc and the little detail bits.


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Hello everyone.  This will be my final post.  It turns out that a lot of the plans my family had this weekend fell through and I was able to finish up the Hellcat sooner than I was planning.  I managed to snap a few pictures with make makeshift workbench photo booth.  Once the weather clears up a bit here, I will take her out with my more professional photo booth and get some better pictures to post in the completed section.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take a look at what I was doing and who commented.  It’s been a fun build and I learned a lot about what I am capable of.  It’s far from perfect and these pictures have shown me a lot of the imperfections I didn’t notice before.  But, I am satisfied with he build.  Not quite sure what my next project will be, I have a few in the stash that I would like to start/keep working on.  I have a partially build airfix 1:72 B-25, a pair of Revell 1:48 Super Hornets, and a Takom full interior Panther that I’m eyeing.  Maybe you all can help me decide?  Anyways, thanks again, please feel free to critique and comment on my build.  Im always looking to improve.
















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