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Zactomodels 1/32 F-14 turtleback and radome corrections (TRU)

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On 8/31/2019 at 10:24 AM, Alpagueur said:

any hopes?

No, at least not on the turtleback.

I wouldn't consider this a good aftermarket item. Cutting the kit and integrating a resin replacement part would be just as much work for the modeler as fixing it himself.
Here's how I'd do it (apologies for the lousy phone pics...):


Extend the existing intersection line with some thick tape (I'm using 3M vinyl fine line masking tape). Use a sharp edged file and cut a shallow groove.



Don't cut  too deep and stop shy of the end point.



Use a flat file and remove material from one side of the masked area, rounding the surface and being careful not to cut beyond the tape "barrier".



Use sandpaper to clean up the surface.



Reverse the tape and repeat, filing away material (not shown) and sanding to clean up.



Remove the tape and massage the surfaces with fine sandpaper.


Repeat for the other side...



See how things look under a coat of primer. I don't think any putty will be necessary (unless you go too far with filing or sanding).



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I have to admit that the biggest disappointment upon reentering the hobby after 25+ years is that I still couldn't buy an accurate 1/32 Tomcat.

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