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H-60 transmission drain hose question

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I have a question for the H-60 experts out there.  I have noticed there are/were a few different transmission drain hose setups on H-60s.  My question is, are they different due to aircraft type (MH-60L vs MH-60G), or over time (one hose is older, or three hoses are older, etc.), or is there some other reason for the variation?


The first is on a USAF MH-60G with three drain hoses coming off the transmission drip pan.  This pic shows all three going to the aft of the aircraft. 



I have also seen the two forward ones going forward to each outside C pillar as on this Army UH-60A.



The next is a US Army MH-60L that only has one drain hose going aft.


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1 hour ago, hawkwrench said:

The only setups I worked around were the 3 drain (2 going to the sides and 1 rear)

system. I never paid attention to the other ones. 



Tim, if I remember correctly, you were on Army MH-60Ls?  Is that correct?

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No, just UH-60A's and L's.

My unit was the 82nd Avn.

I wish I could have worked and flew on MH-60's. When it came to my reup time, I told the retention NCO I wanted to go to Task Force 160. According to him, you needed 80 quality points to go and i had 71. 

I never did ask what the heck is a quality point!!!





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