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1/48 Monogram EA-6B Prowler VAQ-141 Shadowhawks

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Hi all,

After having made several 1/72 and 1/48 models by paintbrush, I decided to step into the airbrush-technique.

And this bird in stunning appearance should become the first result of that.


Bought some Fightertown decals, Aires cockpit and Hyperscale engines (this kit has only some open shafts!) and finally a Wolfpack ICAP update set I was ready to go... I thought...

The Monogram kit is not a masterpiece in the right fit of all pieces, so I had to invest in some Dremel as well.













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Started with the cockpit and inner section of both halves, in black first and covered layer by layer with final colour FS36231, with wear details. Vulnerable photo-etched parts to be applied later.





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Where are we now? 

Upper wings and front part sprayed with FS35237 and more black details. Also the landing gear in white with a nice wash. Additionally added the walkways which will get a wash as well after gloss coat.

Getting ready for the gloss coat!



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Ohhh VF-211 Tomcat! You must share more!


Really dig the cockpit job and the fantastic looking exterior paint job for the Prowler. Easily impressed with your progress levels too. Will be looking forward to the final product.

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Small update: put the main part in gloss varnish to go to the next step of decaling, pin wash and making the gentle stains on this bird.

However, pictures on internet do not show this one to dirty in real life.


Also covered the canopies with Vallejo fluid latex and airbrushed in black.

IMG_8543 klein.jpg

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Some decals have been applied on the right side of the plane, and on top of the Wings.

Especially the big Shadowhawk was a challenge to get it to the right fit, but thanks to MicroSet and MicroSol she was smooth the next morning!


Decals from Fightertown were vulnerable and easy breaking after moving to the right position, so to be handled with care.


IMG_8569 klein.jpg

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