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F9F-2 Panther wing fold color question

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Hello to all,


I have started the Hasegawa F9F-2 Panther in 1/72 and I am planning to build it as an ATU-206 bird, 1956-1957 era and I will use the kit decals.

At that moment the Panthers of ATU-206 had been painted gull gray over white. 

In the kit instructions it is mentioned that the wheel bays etc had been painted white. I guess this is correct since all the later airplanes that had this camouflage (gull gray over white) had white wheel bays.

I am looking information about the color of the wing fold mechanism.

In the midnight blue schemes the wheel bays and the wing fold mechanism were midnight blue. When they started to paint the Panthers gull gray over white, the wing fold mechanism was painted white also or remained midnight blue?

I have seen some colored photos with the scheme that I am building but I can't match the color. In those photos, the flap side is white (I guess) and the rest of the wing fold mechanism color seems like something dark, maybe midnight blue or it is just shadow of the wing and it seems like that, or heavy weathered (liquids-oils etc) that have made the area look just dirty.


Does anyone know the wing fold mechanism color in gull gray over white schemes???


Any help is appreciated.





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