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Revell CSM 1/48 from the GB

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This was started in the Group Build for the 50th Anniversary of the First Manned Landing on the Moon ... here's the link to that build to catch you up ...



I'll finish the build in this thread.


I added some rivets using the Archer rivet decals. 





Masking the Command Module's Heat Shield 





The wiring for the High Gain antenna





Gloss Black on the CM in preparation to spray on Model Master Chrome Silver. I had to do this a couple of times because the shine wasn't glossy enough. And I use the Chrome paint instead of foil strips. I don't like the way it photographs.





The Service Module got a good coat of Flat White both as Primer and to cover the White Radiators.

New Ware's photo etch parts pop nicely!





i want the SPS engine bell to look like it has been fired, so I wanna have a Burnt Metal look to it. 

I first paint Gunmetal on the lower part and cover the whole thing as well. The SPS  bell is a New Ware resin piece.





Once that coat is dried, I use Electrical tape to mask off the lower part. It stretches so I can apply it to the curved surface of the bell.

This works on aircraft and Space Shuttle noses too.





Then I sprayed on a coat of MM Leather to give that Burnt Metal look. I'll tweak it all a little later.





I also foiled the SM heat Shield with Bare Metal Chrome foil




So this build is down to the short strokes now, some paint touch-ups and decalling to go.


Till next posting


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Thanx Manfred but it's far from perfect.

It was fun! However it took much longer to complete than I thought it would but ... it's done. I don't know quite yet how I'm going to display these, but the build is complete.


This is the cover at the SPS engine bell. I made it from styrene bits and filled the gaps with Squadron putty and filed and sanded then covered it with gold foil.





The aft end of the SM. Attaching the hinge pin for the High Gain antenna





Making the SIM Bay handholds from styrene bits.





The Umbilical cover had to have a spacer fitted onto it. Then painted and glued.





I've painted and decalled the Command and Service modules. Decals are from Rick Sternbach's Space Model Systems.





I've also added access panels to the CM. They're just squares of Aluminum foil.





... and DONE!





I don't know how I'm gonna display this but ... may not. I may not be able to attend and enter this into a contest so I may just put 'em in a box.










Thanx for tuning in to this build gents ... now I hafta complete a couple of Shuttle models that have been staring at me for a few months!   :whistle:



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Gorgeous Pete - love following your builds - I end up saving your pics to use for reference on my own builds.


Thanks for this - ret

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Southwestforests, thanx! I generally enjoy building this subject to exhibit at model shows/contests to, hopefully, inspire the younger generation and get them to ask "what are these vehicles and why were they made? " ... The number of local shows are dwindling, as I'm sure is happening in the US as well and that is MY inspiration.


CJ, the SPS bell is painted with Model Master Gunmetal and Leather.


Ret, the Umbilical cover had to be built from scratch as was a helluva lot of other parts. I kinda wish that the aftermarket would provide these parts, but it's still satisfying to make 'em myself ... for the time being!  :whistle:


Thanx gents!


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