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Minneapolis, MN

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Still a great place, they have a ton of stuff, really a great place for paint too. Just hold onto your wallet, it gets a little sketchy around there after dark.

I would suggest going in the day.

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If you're in town this weekend there's "Nordicon 2019" which is a very nice model show and swap meet on Saturday. It's located very close to the airport and is worth the time to check out. Lots of great deals to be had too.

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On 9/25/2019 at 7:27 PM, kg4kpg said:

No luck on Scale Model Supplies. Found the building. Online says they are open until 9pm. Building was dark as night. Didn’t look to ge in business anymore. Tried calling their number and it just rang. Oh well. 

I believe they close at 6.  I try to get there once a year to resupply, the last time was February. Still a great store, and good for supplies, although they haven't added any newer paint lines.  As for the kits, there are many, but I don't think I 've ever bought one there. Not many new ones, and the stock seems to be the same ones they have had for 10-20 years, although if it's what someone is looking for it's a great find. You do have to climb past people doing crack in the parking lot, but as I far as I know they are still there.


Just to clarify -you did go to St Paul, not Minneapolis, right?

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