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BRAT is done! Come evade the Chicken Tax in style!

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I think this might redefine “labour of love” for me; the BRAT is finally done! It took a lot, and there were so many big and little things that had to be done to get the darned thing together, but I have to say it was all worthwhile.


Since turning one down at the dawn of my interest in car kits, I’ve always wanted a chance to build one of these lovably oddball machines. I got my chance when I picked one up about a year ago, and now it’s done and on my shelf.


Check out my original AMT BRAT, with custom-resized decals in all its chicken-tax-evading glory at the link below, and let me know what you think. Who out there is building the resissue? I’m interested to know if it has the same issues!





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No, it wasn't my intention to do that to the front suspension! I actually never noticed it until earlier this morning, and then I was very much "What the..." and went and checked the model, and yup, it wasn't just the camera lying. 

While it was a neat idea, and the wheels did fit over them,  the whole "Front disc" brake thing was troublesome, and they were hard to get glued in at the right angle. That's why it looks that way. It just didn't fit any other way!


I wonder if the Reissue is the same? 

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