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1/48 Academy F-16 A/C convert to WW?

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The Academy kit can be built as a Block 15 A or a Block 32 C out of the box.  You can build a Block 25 if you remove the various ASPJ vents on the tail & fuselage.


The Academy kit does not include bulged main gear doors, AN/ASQ-213 HTS pod or AGM-88 HARM missiles needed for a Block 50/52 SEAD bird.  If you want to build a Block 50 jet you will also need a wide mouth MCID inlet and GE engine exhaust nozzle.  For a Block 52 you could use the inlet/exhaust in the Academy kit.


Options include the Hasegawa Block 50 kit mentioned above, or the Tamiya Block 50 kit.  You could also use the Kinetic kit if you can find the correct boxing.



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thanks for the info guys. I guess i'll just grab a Hasegawa Weasel as it would be easier. I figured if I could convert one close enough  I would use one of the academys.


1 hour ago, habu2 said:

By WW do you mean any Block 50/52 SEAD jet ? or specifically a jet serving with the 35th FW (tail code WW) at Misawa ? 

Yea just any Wild Weasel SEAD jet, not picky on tail code...

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