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Voodoo Vindication

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It is hard to believe, but the day is finally here, The Showdown group build has begun!


I am going to build the Monogram 1/48 RF-101B and the KittyHawk F-101B . The KittyHawk kit has the option to build as an RF-101B, so I will build it as such.


Let us kick off the build with a look at the kits. I will start with the Monogram kit. 


The RF-101B kit was issued once in 1986. The kit is based on the F-101B kit first released in 1984. the RF-101B kit has a different nose to depict the camera nose of the RF-101B


The kit box is very much a product of 1980s graphic design trends with the grey grille pattern under a painting of the airplane




Since this kit is a 33 year survivor, still sealed in side, I figured it was appropriate to memorialize the kit still sealed in the bag, in 30 year old air




Ok, all silliness aside, let us look at the kit sprue by sprue. first up is the Fuselage halves: 




The fuselage is presented in left and right halves, with a seperate section for the nose. Panel line detail is raised.


the next sprue has the RF-101B specific parts, the nose, the weapons bay door, instrument panel, dashboard, and strakes for the fuselage




Here is a close up view of the instrument panel,  nice crisp detail, typical of Monogram of this era




The next sprue has the lower wing bottom half, and many detail parts




next we have the upper wing halves and more detail parts, including the cockput




The burner can tubes and loose parts




The clear parts




and finally instructions and decals.




The decals appear to be the monogram superthick variety. The only thing I do not like here is the mustard yellow formation lights. I will need to figure out a way to replace them.


Overall, a fine example of Monogram in the 80s, when Monogram was at its peak. 










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And in the other corner, the KittyHawk F-101B. This kit was released in 2018, and is based on the F-101A/C released in 2014.




First up is the sprue with the wings.  Noteworthy here is that the control surfaces are all separate




Next we have a sprue of detail parts and most of the nose




Next is the rear fuselage and detail parts




the next sprue has the forward fuselage, burner cans, wheels, and cockpit and other parts




Detail parts, intakes, fuel tanks and weapons




Clear parts were bagged separately and are scratch free and very clear




Which brings us to the decals. 


I can see right off that the ANG logos appear to be a lighter blue than expected. I can not be sure, but the font on the Canadian markings looks strange. On the plus side, there are decals for the cockpit decals





And finally, the photo etch. It provides details for the afterburners, cockpit side panels, and instrument panel




My first impressions are the surface detail is very nice and up to contemporary standards. It is also apparent to me the kit was designed to accommodate different variants. I am just concerned about the 6 piece fuselage, and keeping the separate control surfaces straight during assembly. 





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I've read in several places that folks prefer the Monogram kit to the KH. I'll be curious to read about your thoughts as this build progresses. As for the slime lights, maybe just paint them?

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I found Monogram RF-101B kit after a lot of effort. 


The reason I went to look for it is because KH kit has some fundamental mistakes that to me at least are hard to fix. Like its cockpit, the filler plate underneath that replaces the weapons bay for RF-101B is missing. 


I had Monogram F-101B in Revell boxing and comparing the KH with Monogram, I felt keeping aside the raised panel lines, the Monogram kit is much better. The raised lines can be rescribed and you wont need to rescribe each and every line.  For Monogram kit, the cockpit out of the box is so much nicer you will not need an aftermarket. There are some improvements needed of course but wont be so hard in the realm of modern day kit building. 

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I spent about four hours at the bench. I made some progress but it just takes time.


First I installed the fuel dump vents from the inside of the fuselage halves, and then I decided I want closed speedbrakes, so I glued the speed brakes shut. It took a bit of filing, scraping, et cetera to get a satisfactory fit




I did the same thing with the KittyHawk Kit. It took more work, , I had to remove some detail in the speed brake bay




I assembled the horns? that go on the engine fan face. These are molded in halves. I had to sand the seam




What took the most time was gluing the PE to the cockpit 




I hoped to start painting parts but I am trying to prep as many parts for paint as possible. Many parts on both kits can not be painted on the sprue since a large sprue attachment point is in a prominent spot, or seam lines have to be cleaned first.


I will get back to work on this one tomorrow.

Edited by Kurt H.
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I got a little overwhelmed trying to sort and get parts ready to paint for both Voodoos, so I decided to focus on the monogram kit for a while, then catch up with the KittyHawk kit.


I am slogging through painting parts. I decided to try to get some tonal variation in the wheel bays and doors. Started with a black base and airbrushed highlights, and blended it in with a blend coat


This is AK interactive german medium green, it just looked the best to my eye based on the other colors I had.




You can also see my doodling practicing to get tiny lines


I used MRP interior gray to paint the cockpit parts. With my Sotar 2020 I was able to paint the gray part of the stick with no masking




Here are the intake parts:




Next I painted the red parts, also with a similar process of black base and highlights. Here are the parts after a coat of aqua gloss. I applied the gloss to facilitate applying a wash




Since this part of the lower fuselage will have the gear door in the way, I pre-painted this area with the correct light gray




I also painted the landing gear door which is the other side  of the green and red part above


I also painted the instrument panels. I had to do this with a brush, I used model air nato black. It is acceptable.




And the last thing I did was to assemble the intakes. I think I can touch up the inside seam with perfect plastic putty




I made a mess on my work bench, so I will need to clean up before more work.


Thanks for looking





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Good information on the kits.  Lots of attention to detail too.  My bench is always a mess. 


Geoff M

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I did more work on the voodoo, but forgot to take pictures of everything.


But I did get pictures of the cockpit work....


I can not brush paint the side panels with an acceptable level of quality. so .... in order to airbrush it, I had to spend a lot of time to mask around the area to paint




followed by fleeting moments of painting




but It was all worth it




much better than what I could do freehand with a paint brush.


See ya next time


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I was finally able to devote a little time to the monogram Voodoo. I was in the home stretch on two other kits I wanted to finish


I started by highlighting the switches in the cockpit with a white colored pencil. It looks OK, easier than trying to paint it but I am not sure it I would do this on a contest model.




a few days ago I assembled the pieces in the lower wing







tonight, I continued assembly of the wing by gluing the upper wing halves to the lower wing





I wrapped up tonight by joining the fuselage halves. I  am taking a slow approach to this. I started with the aft fuselage, since there was a lot of surface area I used the regular thick Tamiya liquid cement. It is applied on the two pieces to be joined, and the parts are joined.




I will let this set, then move on to the rest of the fuselage with a capillary action cement. I am going in stages to try to avoid "stair stepping" the fuselage. 


Talk to you later





Edited by Kurt H.

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GOOD PROGRESS, Your right about those kit decals. the font of the numbers RCAF and the full ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE do not look right. Also the union jack in the old red ensign looks like it has black crosses instead of red.


See if you can find a copy from Belcher bits or Canuck for that scheme. Or Leading Edge for a later scheme.

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I continued to make progress with the voodoo.


I decided to build this one flaps up, so I had to  use files and my dremel to make the flaps fit in the up position




The Fuselage seam did not require too much work, I am on the second round of putty, sand, prime  




This part is frustrating, monogram molded several details in place and it is difficult to work the seam in between these details:




The seam is very solid, I used the Paul Budzik inspired CA/nail acrylic powder mix to reinforce the seam from the inside. 




I remember this seam being a weak spot the last time I build one of these 20 years ago.


I have more fiddling to do with the flaps, but I think I can get to a stopping point soon and let the Kitty Hawk kit catch up.




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Another week has gone by, and I have spent a lot of time obsessive compulsively working the seams


I had this area, the keel looking good, but i noticed some areas which needed re-work




Then I dropped the model later and broke one of the antennae near the canopy. I was irritated, and in my younger days I might have gone into bench rage, but I decided to check my references and the good news was only the navigation light was on the RF-101B I found a picture of, so with glee I removed the other blog and sanded the seam




I have also made it harder on my self trying to replace lost panel lines, only to have them slightly crooked, requiring filling, and sanding.


See ya next time!




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Last week I did not do much work on this model, I was studying pretty hard for a certification exam. The hard work paid off and I passed the Exam. So It has taken a few days to get back my mind back into modeling.  I have performed even more putty sand repeat


Previously, I bulked up the top of the flaps with CA and nail acrylic powder. I needed to fill in some low spots, so I used Acryl blue putty:




The bottom of the wing had a smaller gap, so I used a finer putty, bondo glazing and spot putty:




spot primer of the top of the fuselage, showed some fine gaps I was able to touch up with thin CA and sand




And a quick spot prime application reveals the fuselage is done, but the wings need some more work. I expected it to need a little more, but primer makes it easier to see.





Any way I will continue tomorrow. see ya next time!


Edited by Kurt H.

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I have started priming parts on the KittyHawk kit.  I lost motivation when I realized I had to do all the things I was already finished with on the Monogram kit all over with the kitty hawk kit. Then, I saw just how many parts were on the kittyhawk sprues and it felt overwhelming.


But I must carry on. 


For this kit, I  decided to try Badger Stynlrez... It is an acrylic primer which is well regarded. I have tried it on test hulks, but not in production




I read on facebook and forums that you just hose this stuff on. While it was wet it looked like it was pulling away from the edges, like a bad gloss enamel spray can. but as it dries it settles down




some of these parts might require another light coat. 


I am still here and building I have some real life stuff to deal with, but be assured I am watching this GB carefully. 

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I understand motivational lags very well! Way to push through. Keep at it!

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I feel your pain


Geoff M

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I broke through the motivational problem and got back on track with the kitty hawk kit. I painted the intakes, gear bays, doors, and the exhaust parts with the same techniques as the monogram kit


The intakes were painted with Mr Surfacer 1500 white, and the turbine faces with AK extreme Metal aluminum




Then all the doors, flaps, bay parts, etc




One thing I noticed on a lot of parts, is ejector pin columns, as demonstrated here, I find this somewhat disapointing




But I carried on and assembled the intakes, exhaust parts, and glued them in the fuselage




These parts were clear coated with Aqua Gloss  in preparation for a wash




I started with the decals for the cockpit. The decals are somewhat thick and did not seem to settle at first, but after Solvaset, and sitting overnight they snuggled into place




It is easier to keep going once a little progress is made, so stay tuned...




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Nice instrument panel!

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Still here. Life has gotten in the way, but I will pick this one up again this week.  Stay tuned.

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I have been dreading working on the monogram voodoo, I made things hard on myself by positioning the flaps in the retracted position. On one side, the flap sits much lower than the lower wing surface




so I resorted to the rather barbaric use of 220 grit sand paper to sand the wing surface as much as I could, then I applied a generous amount of Acryl Blue putty




as soon as I applied the putty I realized CA and nail acrylic powder might have been a better choice. 🤦‍♂️


So the putty will take a day to cure and require a few rounds of putty sand repeat


I moved on to the KittyHawk kit and used Perfect plastic putty to address the gap in the halves of the intakes




It looks a little better, I will spray some Mr. White Surfacer and it should look ok. 


And finally I glued the instrument panels and sticks in the cockpit of the monogram kit. I prefer to add the seats at final assembly as they always seem to fall out, and it gives me an excuse to procrastinate on the seats, I do not like painting and detailing seats.




Once I get the wing sorted, I can pick up momentum on the monogram voodoo.


Till next time...



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I get this very often. When I see a jet I like and it turns out to be McAir design. What a nice beast the Voodoo is. Nice work.

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Posted (edited)

I finally got back around to the monogram Voodoo. I am way over committed to Group builds, this one, one on a car forum, and now like 3 on youtube... 


Any way, I worked a lot on this wing. I used a ton of CA&Nail acrylic powder. It leveled the area but required a lot of work to sand. It still required a skim coat of 3m red putty




and after primer, I have an acceptable result




and in comparison to the other side, I need to work on re-scribing the line near the trailing edge of the wing




and the top looks acceptable now too




So, with this issue settled I can get on to getting ready for major assembly. I glued the intake fences in place




as well as the cockpit




I assembled the tanks




the nosewheel bay




and the nose




I removed the pitot in anticipation of the brass replacement.


See ya next time. 

Edited by Kurt H.

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Ahhh, but this was a good group build idea!


Would like to have done some Tomcats, but commissions take my priority.

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5 hours ago, phantom said:

Ahhh, but this was a good group build idea!


Would like to have done some Tomcats, but commissions take my priority.

I agree, it is just on me for doing so many. 🤦‍♂️


It is ok, I will get this done, and hopefully mustangs too.

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It's worth noting that Voodoo's only carried single drop tanks on operational sorties, the second tank was only used when ferrying.

The reason is a little odd, at the speeds used on operational sorties, the extra tank didn't add any range, because it added as much fuel burn from drag as it did fuel. Ferry operations involved cruising at lower speed and the drag is speed-related, so the tank added a lot of range when ferrying. I've heard the related F3H Demon had the same issue.

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