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1 hour ago, Kurt H. said:

Nice progress with 3 at a time. Already in paint with all three. Your observations so far have been very useful.

Thanks, it is just the preliminary paint, to identify any problem areas to touch up before final assembly.

It also helped that all three are the same scheme. Keeps paint mixing and airbrush cleaning time to a minimum.

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On 11/16/2019 at 12:59 PM, LALU38 said:

UPDATE: Upon further review, the distance between the trailing edge of the wing and the front of the edge of the stab is 3/16 “ longer in the Hasegawa than in the Revell., or 9 scale inches (good eyes, Habu!) The Revell stabs are about the same amount larger than the Hasegawa.

I dove into my stash and pulled out several 1/48th Viper kits. 

I can fit the upper Hasegawa and lower Academy fuselages together (and vice versa) and they are for practical purposes identical in size. When I compare either of these to the Revell kit I can see the Revell wing is molded slightly farther aft than the Hasecademy kits. All three wings are pretty much identical in size.


It was difficult to compare the fore/aft mounting for the horizontal stabs but, as you mentioned, the Revell stab is noticeably larger than the Hasecademy tails. The chord at the root is longer and the sweep of the Revell leading edge is greater than the others. This moves the inner point of the leading edge farther forward. Combined with the aft shift of the wing this makes that distance smaller than the other kits. 

I also compared tail and wing sizes of the Hasecademy parts with those of the Italeri, Tamiya and Kinetic kits (Itamanetic?) and they were all essentially the same. 

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