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Best books on the F-14

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Can anybody tell me what the best modeling reference books there are for the F-14. I am interested in color photos and color schemes including color plates. The only reason I am asking is because I went a little overboard (and over budget) trying to find good B-52 books and I don’t want to go there again.


Thank you, Jeff

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The DACO book has an unparalleled level of detail, but it wouldn't be a true "one stop shop" as far as color schemes and unit markings are concerned. The book is pretty much a stem-to-stern walkaround including open panels, cockpit, engines, and weapons.


The SAM Publications "Comprehensive Guide" (from the "Modeller's Datafile" series) is a decent source of general color photos but the modeling info is limited and the factual accuracy, especially in captions, is less than stellar. I would say ir's worth consideration but only if you can find a copy for no more than $15 or so.


A far more comprehensive resource is Airtime Publishing's "F-14 Tomcat - Shipborne Superfighter."  This is lavishly illustrated (mostly in full color) and covers development, operating units, and service history. Unfortunately this one has been out of print for a while, but I'd consider it worth "collector" prices if you have any love for the Tomcat.


On more of a budget, Squadron's "In Action" series has covered the F-14 in three different editions (No. 32 from 1977, No. 105 from 1990, and an un-numbered 2018 release in the current "all color" format) plus a "Walkaround" book.  All editions should be reasonably available new or used for no more than $20 each. Each has mostly unique content so all are worth having, but if you're on a tight budget the 2018 version would be the "best buy."

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