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Pictures wanted of all the antennas and humps and bumps on the EA18G Growler

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Hi all


I'm and wanting pictures of each individual antennas and humps and bumps housing avionics on the EA18G Growler which are not on the F18F or F18E super hornets.  Can anyone provide me with pictures of these preferable close up pictures but any pictures where they are visible and clear to see would also be fine.


If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated.



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Thanks for that.  In the pics of the centennial, you can see the two little humps just under the stabilators but none of any others.  I think there is about seven different antennas and humps.  There is is a very distinctive hump on the spine of the fuselage just in front of the twin tail fins and I dont know where the others are.  So that's why I'm trying to find pictures of each and all the antennas and humps and bumps.  Its hard to find pics.

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The problem is that the 1/32 trumpeter EA18G does not include the 7 antennas and humps and bumps that the growler has.  That is why I need pics so I can scratch build these antennas and humps and bumps to make s correct growler.  The trumpeter kit is essential just a F18F with the underwing and wing top jamming pods.  Why trumpeter didn't include these parts is astonishing.  When a company makes a kit, they should at least get it correct.   On this occasion, trumpeter has done poor job but at least they put the ACS rear cockpit in the kit.

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