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Kurt H.

72nd Spitfire scuffle

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I also want to build some 72nd scale spitfires.


I will build spitfires from Tamiya, Eduard and Sword. The Spitfire idea came about when Airfix released 1/48 MkIV ... I realized the Mark XIV was really cool, but the reviews of the kit were all over the place. I decided to see if there were other kits of the MK IV and I found the 1/72 Sword Kit. Since 1 kit of a subject is good, more spitfires is better right? I ended up with several spitfires of different Marks, so it is a good opportunity for a showdown. i usually build 1/48, but for some reason I really like 1/72 single engine props.  Here are the kits:






I decided to do this one at a time.


I will start with the Tamiya 72nd scale Spitfire Mark I. Here is the kit:




I started with black basing the cockpit parts




I got the effect I was looking for, but it is a little exaggerated


I painted the instrument panel . It is very small and I did the best I could




Other interior details have been painted but I forgot to take more pictures.  Not a lot of parts to this one, so it should come together quickly. 



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As expected this one has come together pretty easily


Fuselage halves  mated with the cockpit inside. The seam on the fuselage did not require much work





the wing came together easily, but I made things hard on my self with a nice glue fingerprint on the left hand side of this picture. I was able to sand the gluey finger print away.




and as it stands at the time of this writing, with the major airframe parts assembled. next step is spot priming to see if the seams require work





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This one is ready for primer. I gave it a good scrub with blue dawn and a toothbrush to get some sanding spooge out of the panel lines.





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I keep forgeting to take pictures of this one 


I primered the model. The silver in the wing root has been sprayed with tresseme hairspray to try the hairspray chipping technique




And since i had time I painted the bottom with MRP Sky




anda closer look with flash, this shows the black basing and tonal variation a little more




well see ya next time. 

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I painted the dark earth  with MRP, and the same marble/blend technique




The paint dried within minutes, but I am too tired to paint the green, it requires considerable concentration for me to paint this way.


See ya next time.

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