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Need Help! 23TFW A-10

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Working with my 8 yo grandson building a 1/48th A-10. Almost at the point for decals. He wants to do the full color shark mouth version. Found the Supersclale sheet 48-1201 with the markings but I believe it is now OOP. Have looked all over fro it and can't find a set. Would buy partial or whole sheet. Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA.

And yes I did post on the Buy and Sell Forum 2 months ago, no joy so I thought I'd try here. Also don't have, or want, a ebay account.

Cheers :cheers:


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The 23rd TFW Flying Tigers' "sharkmouth" A-10s were featured on a number of kit decals and aftermarket sheets, so you can probably find something online.  Note the Wing in that era was made up of the 74th, 75th, and 76th Tactical Fighter Squadrons, so those may show up instead/in addition to the 23rd Wing. Can't vouch for anything about this vendor but they show a sheet in stock with what you need:




Sounds like you're probably already through with painting in the vintage Euro I green & gray camouflage scheme? Shortly after Desert Storm the 23rd dropped the "Tactical" and became the "23rd Wing" ("Fighter" has been used on and off since depending on the wing's composition).  The sharkmouth A-10s have remained a constant, but they transitioned from Euro I to the two-tone Compass Ghost Gray scheme and the tail codes changed from "EL" (England AFB Louisiana) to "FT" (for "Flying Tigers," worn while based at Pope AFB, NC, and later Moody AFB, GA).


Since the gray scheme has been "current" for nearly 30 years, a lot of the more recent aftermarket decal sheets cover the later markings but the fundamentals are largely the same, other than the aforementioned tailcodes and some other minor details (which I assume wouldn't bother an 8 year old).


1/48 isn't my scale of choice so I'm not up to speed on all the options, but some of the sheets for gray sharkmouths include:


Print Scale (A-10s Part 2) - includes gray sharkmouths & other units in Euro I




Hope that's helpful.

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