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Hello All

This is the Italeri repop of the AMT 1/72nd scale XB-70, probably the most beautiful aircraft that ever flew.

Years ago, I saw a picture of one of these landing at Edwards with the nosewheel still in the air, and lots of bits deployed. I always wanted to build it and I finally managed it.

The kit is well known, and not an easy build. Any part that fits is purely coincidental, with araldite being the adhesive of choice.

I used the SAC undercarriage for added strength and some resin wheels, apart from that everything is from the box.

I did enjoy the build even with all the difficulties.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.















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Great looking model. Really nice presentation too.

Cheers :cheers:


Thanks you for looking. Having looked at the pics, I forgot to remove the tape over the windows. Sorted now though.

Talking of windows, I lost the approach windows and had to use the inflight ones, but I will say that this was a test in case the windfows failed.

Hope you guys don't mind.

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I agree, one of the most beautiful aircraft every flown, and you're done her memory proud! :worship:


I'm still hoping AMG will come through with a 1/144 version. The last email from them suggested Spring or Summer this year. Like Douglas Adams, I suppose they love the whooshing sounds deadlines make as they fly by...

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My dad was at Edwards and he took my mom and me and my little sister down to Palmdale for the rollout of the B-70 and then watched it land at Edwards for it's first flight. I do believe it's first landing it had a brake fire and had the fire trucks chase it down the runway. Was a very pretty airplane on the ground and in the air. Edwards had a B-58 that they used as a chase plane in addition to the F-104's that flew with it. My dad had moved on to NASA at Houston in the Apollo program when it had the midair collision.. That's a  great build of the B-70 in landing configuration...very cool!



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