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Good books on the Mig23

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From my library, I would recommend a couple for sure. 4+ makes a good book but will need to be sourced as I believe it is OOP. Aerofax makes a nice combo book on the MiG-23/27 but is a good title. Shame that Verlinden never included it in his line for some nice close up internals. There is a former MiG-23MF in my area that is in flight worthy status if you need any specific pics.


Chris the cabbie

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Many thanks for the info.  There is a new book being released shortly I'm told so I'll wait and see what that's like.  But yes a reference library is imperative to building any model.  I appreciate your offer to take pics of the airworthy mig in your area, that's really of you.  I'll get back to you on that as that would be great.  Thanks so much again

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