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Looking for a good on the Mig-23 Flogger G

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Hi All


Im Looking for a good book on the mig-23 flogger G  I want a book that is perfect for modelling the mig-23 with all external detail covered, wheel bays and cockpit


This book I'm particular wanting is


Mig23/27 "Soviet swing wing fighter/strike aircraft"


By Yefim Gordon & Keith Dexter


Published by Aerofax


If anyone has copy to sell, PM me






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Yes having a reference library is imperative to a modeller.  I love actually having a book, not cyber books.  You can't beat the smell of a book and just having it out in front of you when you want to read it or use it.  Its a problem today with kids too.  They just dont have books anymore and are always using the internet.  This is sad really.  I was always taught the value of books as a kid and I do the same with my kids.  I have entire bookcase devoted to my aviation books and always have at least one book to use when making a model.  Impossible to make a good model without them

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