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Upcoming ANG F-4C/D Phantom II "Grey Guardians" sheets from HI-DECAL

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Dear ARCers,


We are proud to announce our next release:

Our long awaited sheet, covering several short nose F-4C/D Phantoms serving with Air National Guard units and wearing the early Hill One and late Hill Two schemes, as well as an experimental F-4C in an attractive splinter camouflage, is now scheduled for release in January 2020.

A very long research time period was unfortunately necessary to complete the required data, but now we are finally able to propose you a collection of unique Phantoms, never previously covered in decal form:


HD48030  &  HD72060 :  F-4C/D Phantom II "Grey Guardians"


-  F-4C 114th TFTS, Oregon ANG , MiG-killer with eagle tail art - Hill One scheme

-  F-4D 194th FIS, California ANG,  with a king-size griffin tail art - Hill Two scheme

-  F-4D 136th TFS, New York ANG, with rhino nose art and some other very attractive special markings - Hill Two scheme

-  F-4D 170th TFS, Illinois ANG, with an exotic artwork and a sharkmouthed SUU-23 gun pod  - Hill Two scheme

-  F-4C  58th TFTW, in an experimental splintered scheme including a false canopy under the fuselage


Please stay tuned - more details will be posted soon...





More ANG/AFRES F-4Ds from Hi-Decal on HD48025 & HD72055:  




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Sounds interesting. Would be nice if you posted pics of the aircraft schemes on your website. There is no way to see what you are getting besides the tiny picture of the decal sheet.

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Jeez.. Wonder if this one will actually happen.. 


Since we were  promised sheet covering F-4E's from you covering Greek & Egyptian subjects what 10 years ago now, then again in 2016/17 and early 2018 and still no show. 


I get that real life gets in the way but there was other guys working on artwork for similar subjects at the time who pulled the plug because you said yours was a imminent release.. And nothing.. 

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