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MH-65D Dolphin "HITRON" in 1/72 by Dreammodel

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Some pictures of my recently finished MH-65D Dolphin by Dreammodel in 1/72. Overall I was quite pleased with the kit, although there are some things that either don´t make sense, or have only minor details, or are simply missing.


The construction phase was quite nice, I added some stuff in the cabin to give it a crowded look:




Since I didn´t had a M14 rifle, I simply used a German G3, which looks quite the deal in this small scale. For the M240 I ordered some aftermarket stuff by Miniworld that really impressed me:




OKB Grigorov provided the sniper rifle:




Pilots were added and the fuselage halves closed, but at that point I noticed the Dolphin was a tail-sitter. To counter that, I added a a small lead ball (fishing weight) that I disguised as some sort of buoy, seen here behind the pilots seat:




Another close-up of the now painted M240:




A search-light had to be added from the spare box:




You can also see here the wheels, which have no details at all, and the floatation devices. These didn´t come with the kit, I simply cut out some thin paper in the correct size and glued it on the hull.


A "bungee cord" for stabilizing the M82 was done with an elastic thread:




Decals were fine and good to use, although the sheet misses the white stripes below the cabin and front doors. And if you are doing the "white" USCG-version (Retro-scheme), you won´t have the red diagonal stripe for the tail...


Anyway, pictures of the finished model:



























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Looks great for 1/72 Hajo, only minor gripe from a former 65 guy is that the LH lower windscreen isn't quite right. the forward edge of the window should be about even with the ram air scoop on top of the nose, in the real helo thats where the battery resides.

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Thanks for the hint! This particular detail was a shortcoming of the kit respective the instructions. Maybe a small layer of paint can look convincing enough...





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