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Paint question

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Don't know if I've asked this before but here goes anyway. 


What is a good clear flat coat that'll make a really flat/dull finish?  I've tried Dull coat, and several others but they end up looking semi gloss.  I'm looking for something that is as flat as Tamiya flats, for example. 


Thanks for the help. 

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Hi Roberto,


I see you've gotten many suggestions already, but in my experience, the AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish (which is water based).  I've had great success with this over many years, and never had a bad experience with it.  This is, and has been, my 'go to' flat/matte finish.  It also works with a paintbrush, in addition to airbrush.  In addition, it dries almost immediately.  If you apply a wet coat, you can watch the surface while you blow on it to aid in the drying process, and you see it go flat in front of your eyes.  It's really that good.  I started using this stuff after having success with Testor's Dullcoat, but I didn't like the smell and cleanup associated with the Testor's product.  You can't beat the convenience or the final finish with the AK stuff, in my humble opinion.

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