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It depends on the serial number you'll be building. The large inlet became the standard for F110-powered Fighting Falcons from F-16C Block 30D #86-0262 onward (the so-called "Big-mouths"). Hope this helps.


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As A-10 Loader says, block 30 big mouth starts with F-16C 86-0262 and F-16D 86-0044. All block 30 F-16's prior to this is small mouth. 


All the agressors flying with the 18th Agressor Squadron 354th Fighter Wing PACAF are serials after 86-0262/86-0044, hence "big-mouths"


From the Tamiya 1/48 F-16C Block 50 you can build the Block 30, while the F-16C/N boxing allows the same if using the propoer HUD. For Hasegawa and Kinetic there are several options. 

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Building F-16D Block 30D in Agressor colors you're basically left with 3 alternatives; 

87-0366 - still with the 18AS. Blue/Lt. Blue/Grey scheme 

87-0375 - still with the 18AS. Black/White/Grey splinter scheme 

87-0378 - currently serving with 416FLTS. Used to be Blue/Lt. Blue/Grey  

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Does anyone have any good cockpit pictures of the F16D block 30?  I'm converting a 1/32 academy F16I Sufa into the F16D block 30.  Also if anyone can tell me what parts to ommit from the sufa instructions and if I need to add any intakes or external parts to make it into a standard F16D block 30?


Any help appreciated



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You'll also need to remove a few details on the SUFA kit that are not correct for a USAF plane. 

this needs to be removed.



Cannot find the other image now, but the scoop on the tail needs to be taken off and a "filler panel" put in place.


But here's the one I just finished.  The guy in the back seat is my MD,  also the Flight Surgeon for the unit.  I'm giving this to him next week for Christmas.




Gear going up!


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