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1/48 - Grumman G-164 Ag Cat resin kit by JAMO - released

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Mine will have scale 200 mph tape all over the wings and cable indentations on the leading edges of the wings and prop blades. No national insignias. And smell like 2,4-D.


Rick L. 

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I emailed and asked about price and if there were going to be any different marking options in the future. 

Quickly got a response from Giannis:


The price for the kit is 77.00 US Dollar + 16 for postage = 93 US Dollar total including postage. 
You can pay via PayPal.

The kit includes decals for Greek aircrafts. 
Send me pictures of the plane that you're interested to making, to see if I can find solutions for handmade decals.
It looks like a quality product, so I'll most likely add one to my stash of 1/48 civvies. Hopefully itll prove fruitful enough that we might get more civilian aircraft in the future (yes a 188 would be great!!)
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  I got my Grumman G-164 Ag Cats today.  They are beautifully molded, with photoetch, brass, resin and a instructional CD too.  They come in a nice box too.  Great model of a great airplane.  

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