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Two Flanker questions

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Hi, first of all I would like to make an apoligoze for my English, it's bit rusty...
As the topic title says I have two questions regarding Flankers.
First, I'm planning to build Su-30SM and Su-35, both from Syrian campaign, and while I was searching for colors, I've found out that AKAN produces two sets for Su-30/35. One set included colors 73160,73161 and 73162 while other includes 73190, 73191 and 73192, so I wonder which one of these two sets is correct for Syrian campaign Su-30/35.
Second question is about Su-27UB. I've bought Linden Hill set "Flankers on patrol" 72010. The aitcraft I would like to build is Su-27UB "red 14" with green nose and dielectric panels. Unfortunately, instruction sheet provides only left side profile and one photo,also left side. I was searching for some reference photos but I haven't found any, so I would like to know does anyone have any info or photo about camo scheme on this Su-27UB?

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I used MRP paints on my GWH Su-35 and will also be using them on my current Kinetic Su-33 build. 


Here's the completed Su-35.  Cant say how close it really is as I do not have access to an actual Su-35....  but looks pretty close to me. 





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I haven't compared the AKAN paints to MRP's. Not sure which MRP paints you are using. I have 296, 297 and 298 for use on the Su-35.

AKANs set as noted above by PouK9 is the water-based set for the Russian Navy aircraft. as far as the three colors you would be using from it, they are the same as in the Air Force set, which if you want the lacquer based set is 46366 and the colors needed are 63190, 63191 and 63192.

One thing to note is that the AKAN set states it is the camouflage for 2019 forward. I would ask those in the know if that is the camo used by the aircraft while they were in Syria. There is an earlier set of colors used by the Su-35 in set 46332. I think it needs clarification which colors were used in Syria. I believe the MRP colors are supposed to be the earlier colors.

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