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Monzas of all stripes - and I do mean "stripes"!

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Some people say you can never have too much of a good thing. Then there’s the person who coined the term “Embarrassment of riches”. Well, somewhere  between those two things comes something I think most modellers are familiar with: a collection. Now, I don’t just mean a collection of things that are related, like “British side-by-side Two Seaters” or “Third Reich Research Aircraft”. No, I mean when you have multiples of the same basic thing, like “All Subtypes of Navy Phantoms” or “Every Sherman Variant” or, my favourite “A Boatload of RX-78s, even though they’re not your favourite Gundam”.


I’m sure we all have such things that we just can’t seem to get enough of. Given my bent towards loving the automotive underdog, it might not come as a surprise to find I have a bit of a Monza fetish. Yes, GM’s sporty-ish H-body from the mid-‘70s just seems to be something I have recently taken a shine to. I blame Ashbrook’s Hobby in Richmond MI – that’s where I got a lot of them! Five, in fact. But fear not, I actually have a full six!


Check out this most colourful and intersting variety of a car that was adored by the kit makers back in the day, and which Round 2 has even seen fit to reissue! (Note: that’s a Monza I didn’t buy… I only buy period Monzas. I’m a Monza-Snob!) Don’t forget to  vote and/or comment on which one you want me to review first!





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