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Converting a grumpy F14D to a F14A

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Anyone think its possible to

Make a 1/32 grumpy F14D into a F14A?


If you put a F14A cockpit st in it, F14A engines, removed all the humps and bumps antennas and put on the F14A chin pod, is there any reason it couldnt be done?  As long as the aires aftermarket F14A engines fitted, I can't see any reason why it couldnt be done.  Does anyone agree?

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Why are you posting this in the automotive sub-forum?


I know you're fairly new here so I've refrained from commenting earlier, but if you expect prompt and relevant replies you  really need to pay attention to which sub-forum you are posting in.  This is not the first time you have posted in the wrong sub-forum.



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