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Best 1/48 MiG-15, MiG-17 or MiG-19?

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Hi All,


I have always liked the early jet fighters, and I just LOVE the F-86!  However, I like the MiG jets of that era as well, and it seems to me that there haven't been very good quality versions in any scale of the MiG-15, 17 or 19, but given that my 'scale of choice' in airplanes is 1/48, there don't seem to be any of those 3 planes in that scale which are particularly well thought of.  But I could be wrong.  So, does anyone know of a 1/48 scale MiG-15, -17 or -19 that is even close to today's standards of engineering/molding/fit?  I recognize that a kit having been first molded 15-20+ years ago does not necessarily mean that such a kit is inferior to kits that have been designed and molded more recently, so perhaps there is a particularly outstanding kit that you would recommend of one of those MiGs.  Thoughts?

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2 hours ago, randypandy831 said:

Only real option right now is tamiya and trumpeter. Hoping eduard would release a 48 scale kit. 


I'm interested in this too. Specifically a Mig-15 to go along with an F-86. Which would be better? The Tamiya or the Trumpeter?

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There are no real great options for these aircraft. I've built all three of them, and when I made my choices general consensus on the internet was that:


Best MiG-15 is the Trumpeter kit (but there is an issue with the sweep angle of the vertical stab).

Best MiG-17 is the Hobby Boss kit (but the radar-nosed version is less accurate)

Best MiG-19 is the Trumpeter kit (because it's pretty much the only one out there. The radar-nosed version is less accurate)











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Thanks for the responses, guys.  However, the answers are rather disappointing.  I think, based on the info here, and the huge amount of kits i have in my stash that I'll never get to, I'm going to hold of on any of these MiG kits, and hopefully by the time I'm ready, a new model kit will be out there....

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I recently built a 1/48 Tamiya MIG 15 bis.








It's an older kit, so it has some minor problems. I don't know how accurate it is, but I like the final result.


One more thing about this kit. It includes a highly detail jet engine. The fuselage can be separated into front and rear sections which allows viewing of the engine. The problem is that the latch that holds the two sections together does not work very well, so I modeled the fuselage as a single piece. The model is finished in Bare Metal Foil with an acrylic weathering.

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Johnny, your MiG-15 looks REALLY good to me!  I have gotten so spoiled, though, by buying and building primarily models that are highly rated in terms of engineering and fit.  I guess that just shows that I’m really not a very good modeler, since, in my own humble opinion, a really good modeler can take any kit and turn it into a masterpiece, even if skills like scratchbuilding, or extensive basic skills like filling seams and re-scribing panel lines must be employed to get the model there. I can’t do those things very well at all. 

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Just give the things that you are talking about a try. You will not know what you are capable of unless you try. I hate to repeat this old saying, but it is very true, "If at first you do not succeed, try, try again." My first model finished in Bare Metal Foil was a real mess. The next one was better, the following one was much better and so on. We are all capable of amazing things.

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