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Trumpeter TFFT

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Good evening, not sure if this is the better place or the general questions area. I digress though.


I was wondering if there was a good place to find information on Trumpeter's release schedule? I've been seeing on scalemates.com that kit 01067 M1142 TFFT (Tactical Fire Fighting Truck) is a future release kit and has been for quite sometime now.  I am interested in this kit and have been patiently waiting. Since it's been a future release kit for so long now I was wondering if it will even be produced.


I know there are other options i.e an Italeri HEMTT plus a Black Dog TFFT conversion kit, but I dont have that kind of money 

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Looks like there has been some updates to this kit. Scalemates show a 2020 release and some of the model sites show varying stages of in stock/pre order etc. MBK showed pre order where as Hobby Search showed " Late Apr (Jan 9, 2020 pre order start)" and Hobby Link has the similar saying "This item is expected to be released on or about Apr 2020. We will accept additional orders at that time if supplies are sufficient." 

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