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Oh wow, more current F-15E nose art decals!

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This one went under the radar but Two Bobs just released a new decal sheet covering the F-15E's of the 391st FS (Bold Tigers)  during their deployment to the Middle East.  My two favorites , Leonidas and Black Widow, are there. NOICE!


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Oh boy... I thought I had good plans for my two Revell Mudhens, but of course now I've got to either change that decision, or get myself another kit...


I got to see two of those jets earlier this year up close - couple interesting details I got from talking to the crew:

The mission markings on "Tiger One" are  a "tribute" to the CO, whose callsign was "GOAT". The noseart itself almost appeared to be done in chalk or something similarly temporary, and was very heavily faded.


49113093191_0955d86bb3_c.jpgTIGER ONE by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr


-333 was known as "Triple Cripple" due to both the tail number, and the fact that it apparently spent a lot of time being not-fully-mission-capable...


48179537936_f80ed7448c_c.jpgTRIPLE CRIPPLE by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr

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