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Macross VF-1A Valkyrie

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Hello all,

This is the Hasegawa 1:72 kit.  I have never watched an episode of the show but I have always liked the way these look.  I know that these are supposed to be painted white but I wanted to build mine in grey, more like modern Naval aircraft.  I bought this kit as a bundle with a photo etch set.  I didn't use much of the photo etch though because it was for a different version of this vehicle.  Since I wanted it in flight I bought a cheap wood plaque.  The skull and crossbones is one of those stick on car accessories from Wallyworld.  It was a nice little kit and I barely had to use any putty.


49101610806_7d95a51759_o.png09 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

49101611301_7d5080f34f_o.png01 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

49101806542_8edd6277a8_o.png03 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

49101100753_3ff6931135_o.png04 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

49101806427_c4cc35c08a_o.png05 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

49101100618_1a1a1a6a76_o.png06 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

49101806262_36c171ed99_o.png08 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr

Thanks for looking,


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That’s a real looker!    Always loved the Valkyrie from Macross.    I just rewatched the original Animie version in Japanese last month and need to watch the Movie version again, which your models markings are based on.


Just finished a Regult Battle Pod myself, I need to start a thread here to show it off.     On deck I have a 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1S.

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