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FS/FT: Aircraft, Armor, Aftermarket, and Decals

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Fall stash cleaning time.  I made a few changes and added some trades I’m looking for.  US buyers only.  Shipping is extra, but if you buy three or more sheets, I’ll cover shipping.  Payment via PayPal money order, or cash.  Send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions.


CAM Decals
32-109  F-14A VF-84 - $15


Hawkeye Models
RAAF F-111C 30 Year Anniversary scheme 1/48  - $15


Hasegawa 1/72
KA-3B Skywarrior kit w/Cutting edge ERA-3B conversion and IPMS VAQ-33 Decals - $55


Superscale - $7 Each
48-122: F-14A VF-111 USS Kitty Hawk
48-438: F-14A Desert Storm nose art VF-84/VF-41 (Cat Scratch Fever and Queen of Spades)
48-436: EA-6B Desert Storm Prowlers VAQ-131, VAQ-141, and VAQ-137 (Eve Of Destruction nose art)
48-656: F-14A/D VF-124, VX-9, VF-101
48-896: F-14D VF-2 & VF-101
72-658: F-3H-2 Demons VF-14 & VF-61


Y48-02 F-14D (VF-2 low viz markings only) - $5


Aeromaster  - $9 Each
48-618: F-14D/F-18E Abe's Superstars
48-522: F-14A VF-111/VF-84
48-562: F-14D/F-18C USS Constellation 2001

Eagle Strike  $9 Each
48096 Phantoms part 6


Two Bobs  - $10 Each
48-003 A-10A Compass Ghost Tank Plinkers
48028 F/A-18C Ultimate Warriors
48029 F/A-18C Fighting Redcocks

Trades I’m looking for:
Fightertown Decals 48014 F-14A VF-1 Wolfpack (only need the “101” option with the black canopy framing)
Impact Decals 48-002 USMC VMCJ-2 / VMAQ-2 Playboys (only need the RF-4B option)


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Removed sold items, updated pricing
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