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CF-105 Arrow Nose Profile - RL-206 / Mk.II Arrow

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Evening everyone. 

I'm wondering if anyone has the correct nose-cone profile drawing of the Mk.II Arrow - or effectively RL-206, that would make for a good comparison/guide for the 1/48 HC kit. 


I'm working overtime here while in the capital to build up as much info on the Mk.II to build an accurate representation of RL-206, but understandably they don't want to let me at it with a measuring tape, lol. What's the worst that'll happen, right? 

Thanks in advance for any and all help,

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I'm not home right now to check, but wasn't there a drawing/blueprint of a Mk. 2 Arrow in this book?

Image result for Avro Arrow book

It might be of some use. Sorry not much help.


Good luck and happy modeling!

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Gents, all, and I mean ALL my physical reference material (that book, numerous other books) are all at home in Nova Scotia and I haven't had a chance to get them shipped out to me in Ottawa, which is why I'm without this information. 


On the plus side, talking with the museum in hopes of getting much more up close and personal with the nose than the general public. 


Thanks a million, 

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