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WANTED: Attack Squadron Kaman K-MAX

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Hi Michael, I came across your comment because I have been looking for the same model. Good news:


1. There is a single 72015 kit left at Kitlinx in the US – I just ordered the second one :) This was the only one I could find on the internet, linked from scalemates.com by the way. It’s quite pricey at $67, plus international shipping (to the UK for me) of $36 for a total of about $103: Arma Hobby K-MAX AH72015


2. I contacted Jan Sobotka of Czech company Brengun/Hauler, who are now the owners of the old Attack Squadron non-plastic models. He replied that he will put the K-MAX (presumably the 72118 kit) into production this year (2020).

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On 12/26/2019 at 7:33 PM, BK-117 said:

Hello !


I am searching for the Attack Squadron kit of the Kman K-Max 72015 or 72118.

Has anybody one for sale ?

International shipping to Europe.


Greetings Michael




I have 2 kits, ref. 72118, condition is new. Feel free to message me if still interested.


Cheers 😉

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