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Lockheed Vega Help

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Hello everyone, 


  I've posted questions about the Vega in a number of places online and have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the answer. I'm hoping someone here can help. 

With regards to the engine cowl on the Lockheed Vega 5B (specifically Amelia Earharts Vega), does anyone have any pictures, diagrams or design sketches of what the cowl was attached to at the top/bottom when opened up? 

I'm not so much worried about the R-1340 underneath, or anything to do with the engine, engine mount, etc., but very specifically how the cowl itself was attached. The plan is to have the engine cowl opened up.


Thank you kindly,

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With a radial engine, cowlings are typically mounted to mounts on the cylinder heads at the front.  Some are further mounted to a "ring" further back.  Remember that the cowling is usually attached to the engine and NOT the airframe.  That way the engine / cowling combination can shake and vibrate.


The Vega cowling was constructed in two halves, split vertically.  There is very likely a piano hinge with a removable wire holding them together.  Look at these two pictures (click to enlarge) and you can see pins with safety clips around the cylinder head areas (the pins protrude through the cowling and have the safety clips on the outside behind the gold stripe

) holding the cowling to the engine.  at the rear you can see stand-offs that keep the cowling centered at the rear.  They probably rest on rubber pads on the inside of the cowling.


Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega 5b up close.




Hope this helps!



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  FIrst off, thank you kindly for taking the time to give this excellent response. The way it's looking is that this cowl was either on, or off. Okay, as such I'll be building this kit with the cowl securely on. Thanks kindly! 



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