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Alclad Colours Equivalent...

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Happy new year to everyone!


Can I inquire for Alclad ALC-104(Pale burnt metal)

                             Alclad ALC-113(Jet Exhaust)

                             Alclad ALC-413(Hotmetal Blue)

What are these paints equivalent to Tamiya paints, Gunze & Mr Color?

The IPMS Conversion chart doesnt include Alclad brand.


Thanks everyone!


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I'm not sure there are equivalents in those paint brands for these colors. Mr Color does have some brushable and burnishable metallics for a variety of metals.


MRP (Mister Paint) does have an apparently wide set of metallics like Alclad. AMMO by mig Jimenez appears to have some of the colors.





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Posted (edited)

Honestly, my experience is that the AK Xtreme Metal colors are great options.  They have Burnt Metal (AK484), Jet Exhaust (AK486), but they don't have a 'blue' equivalent, unfortunately,   However, my experience with MRP Paints has been equally fabulous, and they DO have a blue cast color, MRP-155, Burnt Metal Blue.  I'd use those, really.


While I am a huge fan of Gunze (Mr. Color, Mr. Metal Color, and Mr. Color Super Metallic), all of which I have, they don't have the specifics colors you are looking for.

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