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KH HH-60G Pave hawk build

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Hi everyone, long time for me here without posting , so i decided to finish 2019 with this build, it will be a OOB build and i will add 7 figures from Live Resin and the gunners seatbelts from Eduard.

As always i will start with the cockpit and the main cabin, KH did an amazing work on detailing the inside of this bird








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continuing with the build, after closing the fuselage i continued with the top side, engines and transmission housing, engine cowlings will be closed because i am after a helo that is almost ready to launch in a CSAR mission





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i started painting the front part of the helo, people always ask me why i paint my model in sections?, i dont have a exact answer, what i know is it works for me, 🙂 , and it helps me to get different shades of the main color on the model so i can break the monotony of a uniform color all around the model, specially in a model this size









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33 minutes ago, flightdoc said:

Wow!! That is one impressive -60!  Are you using oils to highlight the painting?  It is looking fantastic!

                     Walt Haynes

i dont use oils on my models, airbrush work and water pencil colors

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10 hours ago, 11bee said:

Amazing paintwork.   What are you using for the Gunship Grey and the gloss cost?  

i am using gunship gray from MRP paint, i am not using any gloss clear coat, the paint leaves a satin finish good enough for decal placement

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