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Straightening a figure.

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Well that's a very wide open question. It really depends on so many factors such as scale of figure, what the figure it made of, if it started as separate pieces or one single part etc...


In general though I think regardless of all of that it's going to take a lot of manual sculpting. Probably not going to be an easy task at any scale. But provide more info and maybe we can help ya out. good luck!



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ohhhh....if you're talking about the old AMT Star Wars speeder bike figure then I actually attempted to do that many many years ago....and failed miserably because I hadn't a clue what I was doing back then. But since it's in armor it actually might not be too hard to do.  If I would try it again I would likely cut everything at the natural armor breaks. then using a wire armature to get the stance and proportions correct I'd fill the hollow parts with modeling clay or epoxy and slide all of the main parts on to the armature. Allow that all to dry and then start sculpting and smoothing out all the seams with Apoxy sculpt. Sounds like it would be a fun project to try again. I think the hardest area would be the hips area because If I recall, the leg joint is a little low so would require removing some of his lap and re-sculpting all of that. Good luck.

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Yep, the old AMT speeder biker. Thanks for the guidance. Yes I was a little concerned around the hip area as well, it does seem very chunky. As he is spare, I don't mind trying something new.  Thanks for the help



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