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I am building the USS Nimitz. It's my first vessel and I would like to make a diorama for it. A friend was on her for a couple years. I found a kit, but even it's "modern" form had A-6's and EA-6B's for the flight deck.  It would be nice to have ACTUAL modern aircraft on her. While I probably should have found a different kit, I went with the one I did because it was available. Has anyone found 1/800 scale modern jet aircraft and where I may find them? I have no idea how to scratch build. I would like to fill the deck with some Super Hornets!





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I don't think there is anything in 1/800 modern aircraft wise from any major manufacturers. You may have to look to 3D print such as this:



If you go with getting stuff from Shapeways, make sure to select smooth fine detail plastic, or smoothest fine detail plastic, where available. Anything less will give you visible layering from the 3D printing process. 



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