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Decals for Sale-(Early) Black Friday Sale...Buy 2 for $15, get 3rd Free. plus Free shipping

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Looking to find a new home for these decals.   $10 total per sheet  or $15 for any 2 sheets, $20 for any 3 sheets which includes shipping unless otherwise stated.  

There are still a lot of nice sheets left...

Payment via Paypal, USPO money order, or well hidden cash.

Let me know if interested.

Thanks for looking....



Newly listed sheets- These do not have the original instruction sheets, but online copies- the decals are still in great shape (except as noted).


48-556                              American Falcons Overseas 

48-683                              Marauding Mitchells Pt. 1  (this is one has the bat head nose)

48-691                              Marauding Mitchells Pt. IV

48-743                              Oriental Liberators Pt.2 Fancy Art



48-800 & 48-801             A-4B Combo-(2 for the price of 1) Selling these as a combo because the -800 sheet is missing 2 of the ejection seat triangles- -801 has slight water damage to 2 of the national insignias- together  you'll get the stencils for 1+ complete plane plus markings for 3 A-4B's- VA-22, VA-12, and VA-34 (these do have the original instructions)

48-753                             F-15A Eagles- 5th FIS C.O. & 48the FIS C.O.

48-136                             F-16A Falcon (early markings)

48-651                             F-16C   50th Anniversary (Illinois and Virginia ANG units)

48-319                             F-16A's & F-16N USN 1st F-16, 401 TFW 1986, Royal Danish Airforce 1984

48-114                             F-15A  C.O. 49 TFW Coded HG, C.O. 58 TFTW Coded LA (these are early F-15 markings)

48-696                             F-16C Falcons- 115th FW & 122 FW (Wisconsin and Indiana)

48-147                             F-4D/E Phantoms USAF: Wing C.O. 3T FW & 4 TFW

48-263                             F-4 Phantom Air National Guard (Alabama and California)



Original listing:

48-503 Phancy Phantoms Pt. III     VMFA-312/ VMFA-312/ VF-74 
48-547  Phancy Phantoms  Pt. V   VMFA-251/ VMFA-122/ VMFA-115
48-523 Aviano Falcons
 48-003  Hounds of Heaven..Dogs Of War'  (F-16
48-090 EA-6B Jammin' Prowlers   VAQ-137 Lancers/  VAQ-137 Rooks
48-101 EA-6B Jammin' Prowlers   VAQ-141 Shadowhawks, Operation Enduring Freedom & VAQ-209 Star Warriors
48-028 F-14A VF-142 USS AMERICA -1977  & VF-101  NAS OCEANA- 1997
Eagle Strike  
48022 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 5
48107 Skyraiders Pt. II
48128 Freedom Hornets Pt. 2
48020 F-14 Tomcats Pt. 1
48060 McDonnell Douglas F-4G Phantom II  52nd TFW  Spangdahoem AB, 1885, 37th TFW, 562 TFS
9727 VF-102 Kit Decals
72-866  F-16A/C Falcons   184th FS/188 FW, 482nd FW Cdr. 188th FS/150th FW Cdr.
48-438 F-14 Tomcats with Nose Art  VF-84 & VF-41   
 48-1014  F-16C Falcons: 188th FS/150th FW Cdr., 482nd FW Cdr.    
48-1095  F-15C/D Eagles - 40th FTS/46th TW & 65 Aggressor Sq./ 57th Wing   
48-837 Convair F-102A Delta Dagger 525th FIS  Just Added!
48-1030 McDonnell RF-4C Phantoms  192 TRS/152TRG, 164 TRS/123 TRG, 67 RW Cdr.
48-1045 F/A-18F Super Hornets  VFA-14 & VFA-2 CAG
48-1095 F-15C/D  40th TFTS/ 46th TW & 65th Agressor Sq/57th Wing
48-1108 F/A-18E Super Hornets: VFA-22 CAG & VFA-105 CAG
48-1159 F/A-18F Super Hornet  VFA-137 & VFA-103 Low Viz Scheme
48-206 A-7E Tactical Scheme
48-231 F-16A Falcons  50th TFW 'Gunsmoke 83'; 388 Tac. Bomb Competition, '81
48-314 F-4 (Lo Viz) USMC & Alabama ANG VMFA-312, VMFA-321, 160th TFS
48-334 F-15C & F-15E 36th TFW & McDonnell Douglas Demo
48-787 F-16C-50CJ (2) & F-16C-42  52 FW C.O., 23 FS/52FW, 162nd FW
48-837 Convair F-102A Delta Dagger 525th FIS
48-870 McDonnell F-4B Phantom  VF-32 'Swordsmen' USS John F. Kennedy, (CVA-67), 1970
48-984 McDonnell F-4J/S Phantoms VX-30 & VF-121
48-196 F-4C/E Phantoms  557 TFS/12th TFW, 432nd TRW, 5000th Phantom   
 48-253  McDonnell F-4 Phantom Air National Guard (California, Alabama,  Louisiana)  
 32-236  F-14A Tomcat  VF-84 CAG (All Black Markings)
Two Bobs  
72-070/48-159/32-045 F-16C Gridiron Viper
72-058 F-15C Da' Heath!
72-080 F/A-18C Werewolves of Beaufort
48-013 F-16C Retro Vipers
48-016 F/A-18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars
48-024 F-16C Block 50 Shaw Vipers
48-029 F/A-18C VFA-22's Fighting Redcocks
48-030 F/A-18A  Thoroughbred Warhawks
48-040 F/A-18E Super Bugs  VFA-14 Tomcatters
48-042 F-16C Let's Roll Vipers
48-055 F-14D Felix in the Fight (VF-31 Tomcatters, Operation Iraqi Freedom 
48-061 F-16C  OIF Vipers
48-062 F/A-18 Patriot Hornets
48-072 F/A-18C/D  Thunderbolts and Vikings
48-089 F-16C  USAFE Big Mouth Vipers
48-098 F-16C Golden State Griffins
48-103 F/A-18F Rockin' Rhinos  (VFA-11/VFA-196)
48-109 F-15A  Show Me State Eagles
48-125 F/A-18C Mach Altus Crusaders
48-127 F-15C Da' Heath!
48-129/32-041 F-16C Cripes A' Mighty Viper
48-131 F-16C Minute Men 50th Anni.
48-185 F/A-18C Werewolves of Beaufort 
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15 hours ago, fasteagle12 said:
48-046 F-16C Hill Vipers


I'll take 48-046 F-16C Hill Vipers.  Please PM me your mailing address so I can send you payment for it.  Thanks.

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Do you still have these?


48-067                Jammin' Prowlers  VAQ-139 Cougars/VAQ-135 Black Ravens


F-22A Tyndall's Raptors

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You're not receiving PM's


Interested in the following------

Early Phantoms In Combat Pt. II

F-14B Sandbox Alleycats

F-4E SEA Heroes

VF-24 Renegades Last Rage Pt. 1

F-14 Tomcats Pt. III

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24 minutes ago, Whiskey said:

You're not receiving PM's


Interested in the following------

Early Phantoms In Combat Pt. II

F-14B Sandbox Alleycats

F-4E SEA Heroes

VF-24 Renegades Last Rage Pt. 1

F-14 Tomcats Pt. III

Sorry, I'll clean up some space in my PM..thanks for letting me know.

Those sheets are all still available.  I'll send you a PM


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