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Geoff M

Fury Fracas

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Next up will be the Grand Phoenix and Hobby Boss kits of the FJ-4B Fury.  More to come.


Geoff M


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Here is the basic necessities:



First up is the Grand Phoenix kit contents.  A mixed media limited run kit.  Plastic main parts, resin detail for the cockpit wheel wells, a metal nose gear leg, photoetch to add to  the seat and cockpit, vinyl masks for the canopy and wheels, and a instrument panel film with dials.  A nice selection on 3 aircraft represented on the decals by Eagle Strike.  The plastic has petite engraved panel lines.  Being limited run injection there is some clean up to do on the parts but overall it looks very nice.  The resin parts are very detailed and separate easily from the pouring lugs.  The photoetch is a flexible metal easy to work with.  We will see how this kit holds up once we start assembling.





Next is the Hobby Boss Kit.  This kit is all plastic.  Very similar break down of parts to the Grand Phoenix apart from the single piece bottom wing.   2 aircraft represented on the decals printed by Hobby Boss.





I chose to start on the Grand Phoenix kit.  I tend to deviate from the instructions so I started by checking the fit of the various resin pieces into the wings and fuselage.  A quick check of the main gear wells showed they were too thick to fit in the wings.  I sanded the edges of the wells to thin them but there Is not enough material here to remove to get them thin enough.  So I resorted to removing material from the wings.  I started by tracing around the wells to provide a guide to removing material.uayMLL8.jpg


Once I got an acceptable thinness I glued the wings together.  I also drilled out holes for the external stores and the refueling probe.



Being a limited run kit this has none of the usual means of fixing the fuselage together so I added strips of plastic to aid in aligning the pieces and this worked well.wu1wDme.jpg 

The fuselage main gear well was a drop fit into the fuselage.  The nose gear well also fits into the fuselage with no problems, but problems showed up later when the intake trunk was fitted. 


There is not enough room in the fuselage for it close up with the intake trunk, the cockpit and the wheel well installed.  So a lot of sanding on the trunk and nose gear well was needed.  I got the intake trunk and the wheel well paper thin and at that point had to stop sanding and hope that rubber bands would close up the nose.  In the end I had use super glue to close up some small gaps.  That's where I am at right now.  I am enoying this kit.  It pushes me beyond my limits in a good way. 


More to come.


Geoff M

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