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YDB-47E S/N 51-5220 Bold Orion launch aircraft

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I know this is a way out there request but I thought it was worth asking.

I am looking for any photos of YDB-47E S/N-5220.

I want to model the YDB-47E that launched the "Bold Orion" missile in 1958 & 1959.

Bold Orion was the first missile that had a near confirmed interception of a satellite (Explorer 6).

51-5220 was a converted B-47E that had a right side mount added to its air frame to carry the Rascal missile (one of two B-47Es).

When Rascal was canceled 51-5220 was used for Bold Orion test program.

I have searched the web and can only find poor photos of the B-47E with no details on its markings.

I know it was painted on the bottom with the special white anti-reflective paint that most B-47Es where given.


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