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Artic camouflage on the SU 33 ?

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I don't believe there is... but if anybody would know, it's this user, so send him a PM as he may or may not see this.   He frequently sees Su-33's up close, and I believe a family member of his works on them... so if anybody here would know,  it's probably him.  He's also got some really great shots of various bort numbers that he will probably let you use for reference.   






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On 1/23/2020 at 1:46 AM, Mstor said:

I've never seen any photos other than the early camo scheme and the current scheme. Well there have been a few one-offs for air shows, but that's it as far as I know.

Were there any uniques for air shows? Do you have pictures?

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I wouldn't take that Su-33 in my pics (taken at MAKS 2007) as a guide.....


AFAIK, it is a testbed retained by Suhoi - and tarted up for display pusposes - you can see the paint overspray onto the engine nacelles in this pic...


I'm not even sure its airworthy???




On one of the occasions I saw it fly, Victor Pugachev did a neat trick on the runway in front of the crowd.......


He taxied along the runway and entered a 360deg turn with the wings spread ..... and exited the turn with everything fold - much to the delight of the spectators !!



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18 hours ago, Flankerman said:

I wouldn't take that Su-33 in my pics (taken at MAKS 2007) as a guide.....


Hi Flankerman, I keep forgetting that these pics are yours. As usual, thanks for posting such great photos!

Anyway, was pointing them out as a one off painted for an airshow.

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