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Hello Everyone 😊

I have the four Eduard Limited Edition F-4s in my stash, which are obviously re-boxings of the Academy kit

I have decided I want to buy aftermarket seamless intakes for them. There are a few on the market and my initial plan was to go for the Alley Cat ones, but having looked into it more XMM do some also. XMM do different ones for the B and C model though - looking at the picture it looks to be the fan at the back is different.

Does anyone know if there was indeed a difference between the B and C models in terms of the intakes? And also, the other boxings are the J and N variant - which intake would be correct for them?


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B models had J79-GE-8A & -8B engines.


C models had J79-GE-15 engines.


I don't know if the front fan face was different between the -8 & -15 series.


J models had -10 series, N models had -8B series.

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I've used the XMM intakes on my Academy F-4B. One dropped right in, the other took a little fiddling, but nothing serious. It might have just been my example or, more likely, my error. 


From a modeling perspective, the only difference between the Air Force and Navy intakes is the compressor part. The Air Force version had two constant speed drive fairings coming down and aft at about the 5- and 7-o'clock positions, from the central bullet fairing. If you have the Air Force version, all you have to do to get the Navy version is to clip them off. Here's the Air Force version:



Another plus about the XMM set is they include correctly-sized ACS intakes, which Academy got too thin.



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