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A tale of three little F-16's

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Hi there,


So there I was, sitting in my chair, thinking, what could I build, annoyed a bit with my 72 scale Academy Phantom decals. I figured, I could have an F-16 for dinner.

After quick stroll I found three little houses, with three little 1/48 F-16's. One lived in a straw house, one lived in stick house and one lived in brick house. Now the question was, which one was where.

So I huffed and I puffed and I blew this one in:




Not having enough, I huffed and I puffed once more, and blew this one in:




Still not enough for a wolf like me, I huffed and I puffed, and blew this one in:




Hopefully, by the end of this build I'm going to find out, which one of them piggies F-16's lived in which house. Muahahahaa! Muahahahaaaaa!



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Some pic swapping ;)
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2 hours ago, habu2 said:

Sorry, your pics are not showing up for me....  ☹️

Hopefully, everything is sorted now 🙂 Not much to see right now though 😉


Thanks for stopping by!

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Ok, after a bit of fiddling with the builds, I do have an idea which piggie might live in a straw house. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Let's begin with a bit of complaining:

I've no real problems with Hasegawa, which I expect will be the easiest build. Italeri will probably have some simplifications, fake details and such, which I will have to either correct or leave as they are. Kinetic, if the reports are true will fight me, I truly fear the nose assembly.

But the first surprise came from Hasegawa. A missing part. Unfortunatly it's quite an important part, that goes under the canopy. I'm probably going to have to make it form scratch. There's also one more part missing, that goes on the spine, but it's just a flat plate. Still, a bit annoying.



What I love about new Italeri kits is their decals. Nice options, good quality decals. Just don't trust the paint diagrams. Sometimes there's some color problem with the decals themselves. But I've noticed it can be traced to different lighnting conditions and such of reference photos. Usually nothing major. And there's this kit. I'm going for the Oregon ANG option. My very first F-16, an Italeri 1/72 B wore similar decals. Quite fitting to use something similar for my first F-16 in 1/48. Just the color of the lighter parts of the eagle are off. More in terms of 36270 used on the tail. Should be much lighter gray. So I either have to mask the tail, or forget it. Masking the eagle would be easy. But the Oregon legend is going to be tricky. I've had some bad experience trying to cut out letters. So that's a minus for the Italeri Kit.




Oh look. Italeri again. That was expected. Panel lines on the spine insert don't line up.



Yes. Much better now. Gap should be easy to fill with plastic card.




But there will be a problem with the canopy. It would probably disturb the shape of a model. So I guess rescribing is the way to go. BTW. Notice how nice the panel lines are? A bit soft, but nice.




Funny thing is, the Italeri kit, in my neck of the woods is a little more expensive than Hasegawa F-16CJ. About 3$ or such. Hasegawa F-16F I bought for about 10$ more than Hasegawa F-16CJ. I wonder if the more expesive Deser Falcons would have all the parts 😉 Kinetic I managed to get for 1,5$ less than Tamiya, which was again, about 10$ more than the F-16F from Hasegawa. So I guess I should've gotten the Tamiya kits. Not much of a showdown would that be though 😉


Next up, cocpkits. Thanks for stopping by.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for having this GB. I really like comparing what's out there. Different kits might have a lot of common ideas, and yet still be totally different. Italeri and Heller 1/72 Mirage 2000 come to mind. Or Italeri and Hasegawa Kfirs. Sometimes one can be quite surprised with the outcome of such comparison.


I've been doing a lot of on-off modeling, at least by my current standards. So what mysteries are there in my favourite place in the aircraft - the cockpit?


First the Hasegawa one. This one, quite surprisingly required the most work. Front IP is OK-ish for an "C" - not really for any block 60's though. The aft IP doesn't even cut it for anything other than "B".



After a bit of work, I made up something vaguely resembling the cockpit of block 60's. That's actually pretty good by my standards.




Both the tubs feature nice raised details. I hope to pick them up after painting. The aft bulkhead is inaccurate at least for the front office. I don't really know about the aft one. There are probably some other inaccuracies in the buttons and such. I can't seem to find a picture of block 60 rear cockpit.





And here's the front office with seat in place. That's not a lot of space for the pilot.




Hasegawa seat consists of four parts. It's quite basic but acceptable by my standards.




With Kinetic kit, You get a nice, Tamiya'esque cockpit tub, with separate side consoles. Fit is quite good. Way better than I've heard.




Seat is a bit better detailed than Hasegawa, save for the aft part which is just a blank wall.




Italeri. Well. I gotta say I like that cockpit. Detail seems nice, there are some omissions such as lack of radar screen on the lower middle console, simplified dials, hud control panel strangelly lowered. Still,




And look at that seat. If it wasn't for the ejector pin markings.




All three seats are a little different. There is significant difference in height with Hasegawa being the biggest one. I placed them, as I rate any other ejection seats, with seat cushion on the one level. It lets me check how high the seat is regarding the side consoles. Usually, it is more or less levell with the side consoles, so with adding or removing material from the lower part of the seat I could adjust it's height.

Oh, its Italeri to the left, Kinetic in the middle, and the Hasegawa to the right.




But frankly, each of the seats have something that annoys me. Italeri has too short headrest and weird back cushion - too thin.

Kinetic is fiddly, and the headrest looks weird, flat or something. There's no portruding part on the aft plate, which is present on two other seats.

Hasegawa is just huge. I'll have to compare it to some other seats in 1/48. It could also use a proper flight data recorder (?) box on the side, as the one in the kit looks like a dimple.




I've added some sidewall details to the models, totally made up. But at least it's there, right? 😉


I've been doing a lot of subassemblies. One such I was very anxious about was mating the forward and aft portions of the upper fuselage of Kinetic kit. Gotta say. WOW! Nice fit with almost no step. Great! BTW check out that details.



Curious thing about the wingtip launchers. From top to bottom Kinetic, Italeri, Hasegawa. Obviously, I'm not using Hasegawa launchers. I'll replace them with LAU-127's from the kit. Kinetic will also get their appropriate -127's. But Italeri? I separated the kit launchers and I'm planning on using the Kinetic ones even though the look "a bit" too skinny.




I've a bit of a plan regarding the stores. While I know exactly what I'll hang under the Kinetic and Italeri ones, I've not yet decided what will hang under the wings of the Hasegawa one.

Italeri will have 4x aim-9L's with centerline tank, Kinetic will have 9x and 120 combo, with centerline tanks. Hasegawa will 100% have the centerline tank. The rest is still in the unknown.

Well. I'd be hesitant to use the Italeri or Kinetic wing tanks. Italeri are just weird and too skinny. Kinetic has too bulbous tanks which look weird. They do however have the best detail and correct fins.



And so I figured, why not experiment with magnets. Out came the drills and 1x1mm neodymium magnets.






And voila! In the hindsight, I probably should've used 2x1 mm magnets. Might be stronger. I'm not 100% confident small ones will hold the fuel tank with pylon. Plus drilling so many holes and then fitting the magnets the correct side was annoying. Note to self, if I ever do this again, reverse the polarity on the wings, so I  won't be able to mix the right pylons with left ones.




Oh, I've cut the flaps on the Hasegawa one. Will do the same on the Italeri.




Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for the intakes, that's where the fun starts!



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Thanks Guys for the kind words. I've contemplated adding Tamiya to the mix. But frankly I suppose this would not be too fair. Neither Hasegawa nor Kinetic have all the stuff Tamiya Viper has - details, fit and such.


I've done some minor work on the Italeri kit. Right now my Hornets take up most of the time.



After filling most of the panel lines on the insert, I put a bit of black paint to check the work.




Some rescribing work. I HATE rescribing rectangles. Lots of mistakes.




I'm a bit scared to put some paint on. It will probably look like it was carved with a finger nail.


Thanks for stopping by!

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So how about some update? I've managed to complete the cockpits. Even glue them in, but that's another story.


From left to right: Italeri, Kinetic, Hasegawa.




I painted the ejection seats black, as a base. They're nowhere near finished.











Love the details on both the Kinetic and Hasegawa cockpits. Italeri is slightly behind.


I also fitted the wings to the upper fuselage of the Hasegawa Viper. I found this the preffered solution for the 1/72 version. Works so so for the 1/48.


Next time I hope to have the main fuselage assembly of all three Vipers.






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On 8/14/2020 at 11:10 AM, Kurt H. said:

That is very nice detail painting on the cockpits. I had to double check and verify it was 1/72 scale... very tiny details cleanly painted. 

Thanks. They're actually 1/48 😉 I'd love to get that much detail in 1/72.

My current work setup (the kitchen island) is not optimised for modelling. No good light source, as the MoD (Ministry of Decorations) prefers the dimmed lights there. Gotta get myself a portable lamp that'd make painting small details easier. Or at least that's my excuse for the shaky hand painting for now 😉

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Nice job on the cockpits.
I'm also impressed that you decided to rework those panel lines on the Italeri spine. 
I would probably have taken the lazy way out and did nothing. Then be bothered every time I see the misaligned lines. 🥴

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On 8/15/2020 at 7:47 AM, Thadeus said:

Thanks. They're actually 1/48 😉 I'd love to get that much detail in 1/72.

My current work setup (the kitchen island) is not optimised for modelling. No good light source, as the MoD (Ministry of Decorations) prefers the dimmed lights there. Gotta get myself a portable lamp that'd make painting small details easier. Or at least that's my excuse for the shaky hand painting for now 😉

My fault.  I was pretty tired when trying to catch up with this thread and I thought these were 1/72, and I figured you used a microscope to paint them. They look really good.

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