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Ruined Corsair Hinge- Suggestions?

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Well I’ve gone and done it. I glued the wing hinges on the trumpeter model together so they’re not moveable. While this isn’t a deal killer, I was really looking to have it folded. Don’t ask how it happened. Any ideas? I’m lost. Does anyone sell 1:32 scale Corsair wing hinges?

Model: Trumpeter 1:32 F4U-1D

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what kind of glue? if you used CA you can use Bob Smith industries "Un-cure" to safely  get it apart. Un-Cure will not harm the plastic. If you used liquid cement you might be able to use a quick application of Testor's liquid cement to soften it up enough to get it apart. Make sure to let it dry at least overnight after separation before you try to clean up the joint.



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