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Volvo 850 turbo Estate - OOB

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If you know me, and/or the Sprue Lagoon, you know that I do have a thing for “loser cars”. However, it’s not just econoboxes and soulless “made-to-be-rented” cars that I love! I am also a fan of the mundane. That means cars that aren’t necessarily bad, and might be kind of exciting, but definitely things that you’d see everyday. They are the car equivalents to the “people in your neighbourhood” that Sesame Street sang about.

One vehicle that surely fits this description is the Volvo 850 Turbo Estate wagon. I rather like these cars, and they’re decent, competent and even kind of stylish, in their own way. However, at least where I live, they were common. Not Chevy Celebrity common, but much more common than many other kinds of wagons. Since station wagons aren’t something that get kitted enough, in my view, I was very glad to come across this kit at Wings and Wheels in Toronto quite some time ago. I figured that the drab days of winter were a good time to pop it out and see what was up. After all, I remember seeing a lot of these in Beige.


Check out Tamiya’s take on this Swedish family mover at the link below!





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That looks like an interesting kit.  I’m not much of a car guy, but kits like this are the kind of cars that I do take an interest in, for reasons similar to yours. They’re what you see in normal life; the cars that we own and use. 


I would like to see kits of “normal” cars, as I would like to have some models of what I owned and drove. Stuff like a Pontiac Sunbird, Chevy Corsica, VW Jetta, Suburu Forester-even basic, bog-standard pickup trucks. No custom, no lift kits, just a normal, 2WD truck. 

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It is an interesting one, and a good one at that! 


I would love kits of things like the 2018 Fusion, or a Malibu, or some general stuff. Some of Japanese stuff is "everyday-ish", and some of the MPC stuff can be that way to. I'm loving my Beretta, even though it's a GTU, and I know Revell did pretty much every flavour of '92 Grand Prix (I've got the GTP, but stupidly passed up the base one. D'oh!). As for "everyday", did you check out the Daewoo LeMans on my site?


As for normal trucks, there was the Courier (AMT? Revell? Can't recall...) and there's the newly reissued '95 Sonoma - it doesn't even have the tires for the 'off-roady' version! 

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