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Invader sheets

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Ok found a close up of “This is it” as posted above (which I originally thought was named Tails is it.) 


17th BW Commander’s aircraft, Korea 


crew names are 

Col Gordon Timmons

Crew Chief 

TSgt (I think) Emilio Reyes 



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I can help with ALL photo documentation for this 17th BG, 95th BS 100 mission combat veteran. She still survives today, and her original Korean crew chief stumbled upon her 50 years later at an airshow. He was able to provide endless amounts of photos to prove her provenance, including full color close-ups of the nose art. Her name was "My Mary Lou" with a Marilyn Monroe type pin-up.


The photo I have attached is not her most colorful version. Previous to this, she had full blue scallops on her cowlings, and two white lines on either side of the red prop warning stripe. 



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Here is a Korean War Invader of the 452nd BW/ 729 BS(L) Air Force Reserve (CA). It was a SHORAN equipped aircraft.
First 3 photos of the actual City of Santa Rosa. The others belong to the Pacific Coast Air Museum's A-26 painted up to represent the City of Santa Rosa.


















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