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1/32 F-35A Italeri

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Hello gentlemans. Model represent plane from AFB Hill nr: 13-5081. It was only one with some light weathering, when I build it.... 

Kit Italeri

Eduard PE sets

Lot of scratchbuild and wiring (wheel bays, bombbays), added many surface details.

Wheels True detail...

Amraams Eduard brassin.

Paiting masks by DN-Models.

Decals: Furball


I made my own exhaust nozzle od 3D printer, because all of aftermarket set was small.... 


Thank you for watching. 

Have a nice day.


Jan :-)














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Incredible painting!  Amazing!!!!  In particular, the photo of the underside of the plane, showing the exhaust nozzle...  How did you do the panels?  It looks like you must have masked off each panel...if that is the case, I'm stupefied!  How were you that utterly perfect in exactly consistent width, and perfectly straight?  I didn't think a person could maintain that kind of precision, no matter how talented or capable one might be.  You, sir, are an amazing modeler!!

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Thank you very much Guys! Appreciate it :-)


Curt B: Thank you too. Panels are masked with amazing DN models aftermarket mask. Something missing in the set, but RAM pannels can be little bit different plane by plane...


If you are interested in progress photos I´m starting now my FB page....  link is in my signature.... you are welcome. :-)



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